Theory questions: mise-en-scene, the shot, the frame
Dreams (other mental states)


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Jessica Brown

To me, the most interesting use of color was in Scottie's nightmare. The flashes of red and blue seem to imply fear, mystery, and danger. They let us know that what we are seeing isn't everyday reality. I think this use of color to express emotions was very successful.

Becky Bond

I really loved the use of the green neon light outside Judy's window after she and Scotty return from their date.

Kevin Smith

To me, the color used in Vertigo was much more flashy, such as in Scotty's dream scene or when Judy is illuminated by neon light, whereas in Eternal Sunshine the color is much more subdued, such as in the environments.

Ryan Giles

I really liked the use of color when Scootie has his nightmare. The color that was used in the visual images that he sees throughout the dream makes more thrilling to watch. You feel anxiety when you see the flashing orange while Scottie's head is falling into the grave.

Elida Cabrera

The first time we watched the film I did not even noticed that green was a reoccurring color for Judy. But after I noticed it, I liked how it was shown throughout the film. Especially the scene were the green neon light was behind her when she was speaking after they got back from their date.

Josh Riddell

I think the use of color in the movie Vertigo stood out more to me than the use of color in Eternal Sunshine. I believe the reason for that is because The importance the director made with color. There are a few scenes where color is a big deal so I think with Vertigo it gives it more emphasis and weight.

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